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Why Feng Chia

Taiwan is a perfect choice for studying Chinese language

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    Peter Acs
    Ngo Thi Thao
    • International Business Administration
    • First year
    • Degree student
    • Hungary

    Before I came to Taiwan, I was working as a PHP Developer in London. I already had a great life with a great job but I felt something is missing. I become more and more interested in economics and Business administration. I have to mention that I love to read about countries and different cultures a lot. I was getting interested in Asia back in 2010. I found technology and architecture fascinating in Asian countries. I already studied Korean language but I felt I need more challenge. Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world. Chinese will be a great skill to achieve. Taiwan is a perfect choice for studying Chinese language and studying my degree in Business Administration at the same time. The weather is pleasant, the people are great and there are a lot of opportunities for foreigners. I couldn’t make a better choice than Taiwan.


    My campus Diary
    My weekdays are really busy. I spend most of my time on campus. I also study 10 hours Chinese a week. I need to study everyday to keep myself up to date with the lectures. I am really hardworking on weekdays, and I like going out on the weekends.


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