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Why Feng Chia

My choice is really true

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    Ngo Thi Thao
    • Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
    • PhD student
    • Degree student
    • Viet Nam

    I am studying the third academic semester at Feng Chia University and have lived in Taiwan for one year, now I can say my choice is really true. I still remembered the days newly arrived here, all of things seemed new to me such as friends, teachers, learning environment, culture, food, etc... they made me feel extremely anxious, but quickly instead of that I felt confident and discovered by the enthusiastic help of professors and friends in my laboratory, and especially, my supervisor. Along with my advisor’s support, I could begin not only my courses but also my direction research very soon, and I am studying and researching with great passion now. If you intend to apply scholarship in Taiwan, I think you need to equip yourself with the following:
    Firstly, improving English and Chinese
    Secondly, thinking independent, teamwork

    Therefore, ability of living independently

    In order to improve my professional knowledge and keep up the trend technical of development and useful application as well as teaching skill, I choose Taiwan to attend a doctoral program. I have known Taiwan as one among the new industrialized countries where have developed education, Universities are strongly equipped equipment and learning and researching conditions. Through my friends and colleagues are studying in Taiwan, the Feng Chia University is excellent international environment with high potential professor, fully have experience in scientific research. Furthermore, living and studying in Taiwan, I will be had another chance to raise the standard of English and Chinese are both of the most popular languages over the world. I highly believe this is advantageous opportunity for researching and improving specialized knowledge.

    My campus Diary

    Breakfast and then leave for school!

    I usually prepare myself a considerate breakfast at home because I think the breakfast would give me enough energy to work all morning, after that I walk to school, it take me 10mins.

    Science, Technology and Society.

    I always attend interesting lectures if any; otherwise, paper and data in research field are searched; however, book and journal related the course and direction research are also selected to read

    Lunch time!

    I often have lunch and chat with close friends at some interested restaurant

    Work, work and work-

    To be continuous read and write paper as well as discuss friend in the same research field or advisor; do experiment

    A little bit of exercise!

    For relaxation and min-diversion, the occasional jogging is best! Exercising is good for a healthy body and mind.

    Research continues at home

    I usually come back home at this time to prepare and cook diner, after having delicious diner I take 30mins or 1hour to call my family via Skype.
    Followed the time, I review all my work during the day, which finished and which unfinished, plan and prepare for work tomorrow


    Get a good rest to refresh for brighter day tomorrow!



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