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Why Feng Chia

I think Taiwan is a nice place for study and improve knowledge

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    • Environmental Engineering and Science
    • PhD student
    • Degree student
    • Viet Nam
    I’m lucky to have a scholarship between my Vietnamese University (Ton Duc Thang University) and Feng Chia University. Therefore, I’ll have 4 years to study and research in Taiwan. Actually, I really love this country and the people here.
    This year is my second year; I’ve receipted a lot of supports from Feng Chia University and my Vietnamese University. I think Taiwan is a nice place for study and improve knowledge. Because there are many reasons such as nice weather, beautiful landscape, impressive culture, high education, good traffic, innovative universities and delicious food.
    The last reason is distance between Vietnam and Taiwan is not so far, so all Vietnamese students could choose this country for study abroad.
    If you are interested in studying in Taiwan, I think you should prepare some Chinese Mandarin as soon as possible. Understand Chinese Mandarin is not only useful for your communication in the public place but also help you a lot for study at school.
    The weather in Taiwan includes four seasons, and the winter season is so cold. Therefore, international student need to prepare enough winter clothes and necessary living items.
    The last, I think apply scholarship in Taiwan is easy, because there are not much criteria and requirements for application.
    My campus Diary


    Breakfast and then leave for school!

    I rent a small room for living. Therefore, I usually prepare breakfast at home. After breakfast time, I take 15 minutes to walk to school.


    Science, Technology and Society.

    I always pay more attention on all my courses. So that, always review lesson at home and ready for study at class. My department is Environmental engineering and science; therefore I have to do a lot of lab works and reading paper.


    Lunch time!

    A moment to relax. I come back my room and cook for the lunch.


    Work, work and work!

    Some of my course in this semester at noon time. So that, I spend more time for course works. Otherwise, I have meeting with my professors and classmates every two weeks. I found that study Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan is very important. So that, I take some Chinese Mandarin course to improve my Chinese.


    Back home and have dinner

    I usually finish my day at school around 7pm. Then I walk back home and prepare my dinner. Sometimes, I go to the Feng Chia Park, near my home to do some physical exercise.


    Research continues at home

    After my handmade dinner, I continue my research by writing paper and preparing for tomorrow’s classes.




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