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Scholarship Information

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(1)FCU International Student Scholarship 
  • a.FCU facilitates two types of scholarship programs for international students: type A and type B. 
    Type A provides a full tuition fee scholarship and type B provides a half tuition fee scholarship for the first academic year. Scholarships will be issued to recipients who have completed registration and course selection procedures for the academic year that the scholarship is awarded. The scholarship funds will be transferred semi-annually to the recipients bank account in March and October. 
  • b.To apply for the scholarship, simply tick the scholarship box on the FCU international student admissions application form. 
    For more details regarding scholarships, please visit: 
  • c.Applicants who are applying for an English-language program should submit a certificate of English proficiency, such as a TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC certificate. 
  • d.Applicants who apply for a Chinese-language program should submit a certificate of Chinese proficiency, such as a TOCFL certificate. 
(2)Taiwan Scholarship 
International students can apply for the Taiwan Scholarship, which is granted by the central 
government, through a Taiwan Overseas Representative Office before their arrival in Taiwan. For 
further information, please visit:taiwanscholarship


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